“Sarah’s quality of life has improved since receiving therapy from Molly Shaw Wilson. Our daughter Sarah worked with Molly in a group setting (social skills group) and individually (OT) for the last 2 years. Molly has a wonderful understanding of kids. She has a calming presence and knows the right thing to do or say to a child even when we, as parents, do not. Molly can diffuse any situation and turn it into a positive learning experience for the child. She comes across as friendly, playful, and inviting with a sense of order and authority that doesn’t threaten. She listens and respects children. The greatest contribution Molly has given to our family has been her positive impact on our daughter’s ability to deal with her day to day challenges (transitions, refocusing, using her words to express herself). Molly’s enthusiasm, encouragement and professional attitude have had a meaningfully positive impact on the behavior of our daughter. She genuinely cares about Sarah’s progress, offers suggestions, participates in school meetings and consistently goes well beyond her job description. Sarah talks about Molly everyday and always looks forward to seeing her. Every encounter is met with a huge hug from both parties. Molly is the OT that every parent wants their child to work with. When faced with questions they can’t answer or problems they can’t solve, other OTs have told me ‘I’ll talk to Molly about it and see what she thinks.’ She can always be relied upon to have sound judgement and your child’s best interest in mind.”

-Carolyn H.

“For the past two years, my daughter Mary and my son John have the opportunity to work with one of the best occupational therapists I have ever encountered. Molly’s depth of knowledge and understanding of occupational therapy, her passion for the field, her caring nature and her sense of understanding make her an outstanding occupational therapist. Anyone who has spent time around Molly knows that she is passionate about occupational therapy. The level of energy in her sensory gym is always high, its infectious- you can’t help but want to participate in fine motor and sensory motor activities the minute you walk in.

Molly truly cares about each of the students that she treats as an occupational therapist. After each session with both my daughter and my son, Molly always makes a point of speaking with me and discussing my children’s progress and accomplishments. In addition, Molly always provides wonderful activities and suggestions that I can use at home in order to carry over the occupational therapy work that she is doing with my children.

From the very first session that Molly had with my children, she described their strengths andtheir weaknesses accurately. However, it is one thing to be observant, it is another to know how to work with each child in order to help him or her grow and succeed given his or her own unique skill set. Over the past two years, Mary and John have grown tremendously as a direct result of their occupational therapy work with Molly. They adore Molly for the wonderful, kind and compassionate person that she is and they greatly respect her and learn from her because she is a fantastic occupational therapist.”

-Kimberly C.

“Two years ago, like most parents, I was scared of the issues I was pacing with my van four-year-old son and didn’t know what to expect and how we were going to deal with it all. From the moment we were introduced to Molly all my fears and concerns melted away. Within that first one hour evaluation session I knew that Molly was the one, she had the deep expertise in her field and an exceptionally warm, energetic and caring style. Ryan and Molly quickly developed a relationship such that Ryan would look forward to a session. To our surprise, Molly was able to gently ease Ryan out of his comfort zone to do the things we never thought he would. He always walked away from his sessions with a smile on his face and eager to return. Now, nearly 2 years after we first met Molly, I can truly say that Molly changed our son Ryan’s life – not only did is fine and gross motor skills improve dramatically to grade level, so did his confidence. While Ryan is no longer in need of OT services, we continue to stay in touch with Molly and Ryan looks forward to his play dates from time to time with her.”